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10 Theme Pavilions of SITE in 2020

Issuing time:2020-04-21 14:46Author:SITE 2020


l Beautiful China's exhibition pavilions

Tourism Bureau/ Scenic spot / Theme Park in each province/city/county

l Brand travel agency exhibition pavilions

OTA, Overseas tourism agency (Depatured from

Shenzhen/Hongkong/Macao/Guangzhou) etc.

l Study-travel tourism resources and supporting facilities

School / Study-travel base (including industrial tourism) / Study-travel service provider, etc

l High-end customized travel

Independent travel Customizer / service organization / independent travel supporting products, etc.

l International tourism resources

Overseas tourism bureau / ground agency / land operator / shopping place / overseas medical institution / medical ground conceiption, etc.

l Intelligent tourism traffic

Airline / Cruise / High-speed Railway / Subway / To B Car Rental / To C Car Rental, etc

l Tourism technology

Travel software programmer / Tourist industry supporting electronics / AI intelligent equipment / Entertainment technology products

l Hotel and awards supporting

Resort Hotel / Award Hotel / Award supporting facilities, etc

l Cultural tourism exhibition area

Tourism + and other products (e.g. tourism, sports) / IP projects / Cultural tourism real estate / Cultural tourism investment and financing / tourism planning / intangible cultural heritage / characteristic accommodation, etc

l RV life and supporting facilities

RV manufacturer / RV club / RV accessories, etc

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