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Shenzhen International Tourism Expo (abbreviation: Shenzhen International Tourism Exhibition / SITE) has been established by “Shenzhen Yipeng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.” since 2014.

With the support of various levels of government and organizations in Shenzhen, it has gone through nearly 7 years of market It has become the longest history in Shenzhen, the largest exhibition area, and the most professional content in the international tourism exhibition.

Shenzhen International Tourism Exhibition has become an organization and institution at home and abroad. , As well as tourism professionals in various fields, have successfully linked   high-quality industry resources, presenting one after another gluttonous feast for travel colleagues and travel enthusiasts, which has developed into a global tourism industry enterprises, organizations, institutions, etc. A window and platform for important negotiations and exchanges with relevant partners.

SITEis not only an exhibition, but also an annual resource matching event for domestic and foreign travel industry colleagues, or a Shenzhen-based Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and even South China A mini-experience event for travel enthusiasts from all over the world to experience miniature tourism culture in various countries of the world.

In 2020, we launched an upgraded version of the exhibition logo with the times, followed the design of the earth meaning "globalization", and replaced the green representing new life and vitality, peace and kindness, meaning "Shenzhen International Tourism" "SITE" will innovate the life and vitality after iterative upgrade, showing spring-like hope and prosperity.

Our vision is: May travel allow everyone in the "global village" to know each other without borders, and may our "Shenzhen International Tourism Exhibition / SITE" be a bridge that builds friendly exchanges between countries in the world and contributes to the beauty of the world

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